What should be done to prevent the cigarette retail dealers from doing the work

shop stolen situation is now happening, if the owners want to reduce losses, it is necessary to do a good job related to security work. But nearly a year, is often the cigarette retail customer theft of stolen goods and the high period, mainly in the cigarette and money are, so each retail customers must pay more attention to the security work. According to the previous analysis of the situation reflected by the stolen customers, to remind the majority of cigarette retail customers can do preventive work from the following aspects:

one, from the occurrence of theft cases are mostly from the door and window climbing into the house, so the best choice for the use of iron housing security doors, windows have to install anti-theft network, increase the difficulty of the implementation of the theft of the crime.

two, before going to sleep at night to check the doors and windows are not locked, timely preventive measures. If necessary, can be installed in the installation of alarm devices.

three, if you encounter with the name of the shopping, and all kinds of excuses to delay time, see suspicious people everywhere in the shop, business users must be vigilant to prevent illegal personnel check.

four, strengthen security awareness, and effectively store people, especially at night should be guarded. The cigarette should be placed close to the bed. Don’t leave too much cash in the business place at night.

five, cigarette retail customers should enhance the sense of law, if there is a stranger to the door to sell a large number of local code marking cigarettes, must not because the price is cheap, according to a single full. If you find such a situation should be promptly reported to the police or the Department in charge of tobacco reflect, making it difficult for thieves to sell dirty. Don’t encourage because covet a small profit of criminals illegal behavior, tries to avoid the phenomenon of stolen stolen goods channels of cigarette.

six, such as the discovery of stolen property in the business premises, do not rush to inventory of property, should be protected immediately after the scene to the public security organs for the next step to provide valuable clues to solve the case.

now many shopkeepers know the importance of security work, but also want to do a good job in this area, but do not know what can be carried out. So, if you are a cigarette retail household, if you want to let the shop security work in place, you know from what aspects?

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