How to open a tea shop to investigate the project

tea is a very popular casual drinks, open a tea shop, operating a small business, easy business. Now on the market to join the brand of milk tea after another, there are good and bad, then we choose a milk tea to join the brand need to pay attention to what? Xiaobian this will introduce you to a few strokes.

first guarantee the authenticity of the other party, to avoid being cheated. We want to see a business license this brand, see is not to have the formal company qualification "100 Fen cool tea tea shop to join, the join, one-stop service, training, location, decoration, allowing you to secure money. Here we should pay attention to the light to ask each other to see the business license is not good, because this can be false. We first have to ask each other’s company name, qualification, address, telephone, etc., and then to the local industry and Commerce Bureau website, to query the relevant information.

followed by field visits, to the other company headquarters to see the authenticity, look at the other company environment. Then it is best to have time for the other side to give some of the nearby franchisee address, in the past to see the authenticity, but also by the way to see their sales.

fourth is to select several franchise brand, price, service, choose the most suitable for their own.

the last point, it is a detail place, can be used to test this brand is not to take seriously its franchisees, that is the store location, store location if not hard, then the franchise contract with the only care about you, don’t care about your future business. If the location doesn’t care to join the brand, then consider a change.

open when the tea shop, we should pay more attention to the inspection, it is necessary to know more about the. In order to successfully open a tea shop, you need to grasp from every aspect. Before opening the tea shop to do a good job of preparation, the latter can operate more smoothly.


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