The restaurant manager plays an important role in business strategy

how is the business of a restaurant? Exclusion of objective factors, Xiaobian food store manager determination is very important. If want to make like a raging fire of a catering business management, the manager should do what efforts?

1) check: every morning into the store the first thing is to check.

for each job, inventory, health, experience, a real POP location, such as leaflets per day may be a moving point check. In order to ensure adequate supply of goods every day, the product is accurate, the experience is more smooth, clean and bright environment. Be prepared for examination.

2) motivation: motivation is a daily project.

for the overall situation of the morning staff, given the appropriate incentives. For individual mental state, not to give encouragement. Store operating data for the previous day, give hope and encouragement to encourage. For some of the executive work, the appropriate delegation. Motivation is not verbal praise or blueprint planning, but to integrate into the work in the quiet sound of things, a look of encouragement, a smile of trust, a guaranteed authorization are incentives. To ensure that the employee’s mental state is positive, so as to infect colleagues, infected customers. Want to operate a good customer, first of all to manage staff. To motivate and discouraged.


3 Service Manager): strictly speaking is not a leader, but service.

manager of the most important duty is to give subordinates on the resource guarantee, technical support. Let subordinates can put their heart and soul into work. Malls such as the battlefield, war is the largest food soldier and stores the menace from the rear, the goods and policy resources such as menace from the rear is the guarantee and technical skills support. But looking back to.

4): We observed is the manager must master the skills.

good observation can help the manager to stand up and think in the overview of a new height. The manager through the observation to obtain immediate subordinates, overall response the customer into the store after the turnover problem is not common or personality, and to observe the results of timely adjustment. The observation is immediate, preventing the spread of existing problems and immediate problems. Prepare for observation.


5) manager to do up every day.

through the inspection, incentive, service, observation of the implementation, as well as the assignment of feedback, do the work summary of the day, find the problem, to find a solution. If the sales situation is up to expectations, whether the status of personnel to meet the requirements of the sales climate, the store environment is up to standard, etc.. What are the influencing factors and how to correct and avoid them?. To form a closed loop, problem >

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