How to carry out simple marketing management

now people pay more and more attention to management, any one industry attaches great importance to management. However, the "management" is simple, very complex to carry out. A lot of people because of the "management" to understand the complex, leading to difficult to carry out the work. In fact, marketing management can also be carried out very simple. So, how to carry out marketing management simple?

general to human activities is simple and complex, some people love the simple complicated, in order to show their skills, some people love to make the complex simple, marketing management, a lot of people are trapped in the quagmire inside the complex, dead beat heart gaunt. In addition to some people deliberately want simple things complicated, I believe that many people are willing to love simple, simple, marketing management is a complex project in the works of masters in marketing management for books is an immense number of books, the author is a simple love, also believe that the power of simplicity. I interpret my understanding of marketing management as follows:

is a simple to understand: first explain a simple point of view, not directly, for marketing management, simple to understand marketing activities can be summarized into three words: the first one is the marketing activities will do? The second sentence is the marketing channel is willing to do? The third sentence is whether consumers are willing to buy? For these three links to the design of the relevant interest driven program, this marketing program can be considered a useful program.

many companies do marketing plan is the first thought of customers, or think of dealers, this is to grasp the overall interests of improper marketing performance, marketing activities, the first is to take care of the interests of the marketing staff, because they are in the implementation of marketing programs, many bosses heard this may not happy, do not see marketing staff performance, how to consider the interests of the marketing staff?

is the marketing personnel’s interests, the author thinks that more short-term interests, is simply divided treatment, material treatment and mental treatment, material treatment of wages, business trips, bonus Commission of these parts, the spirit of the treatment is to time to reflect, in the first few months of the company, for employees, good the material treatment is a good mental treatment, because you have to pay well, let employees feel her value to be recognized, this view is the spirit in the respect of employees. About the salary design of marketing personnel do not say.

two is a simple communication: This is a commonplace talk of an old scholar problem, but a lot of people on what is the purpose of marketing communication is not a qualitative grasp of marketing communication, what is the purpose? I believe that in order to unite all can unite to force. A lot of people think communication is very difficult, difficult to communicate with the company’s internal staff, communication with the dealer is difficult, difficult to communicate with consumers, it is difficult to understand the reasons for the asymmetry of view, Mengniu has a theory of communication

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