Deputies inspected the work of innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu

Chengdu, as China’s most innovative and technological strength of the city, attracting many entrepreneurial projects settled. The government is also constantly improving the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, to create the most comfortable and most suitable entrepreneurial atmosphere for the economic development of the western region.

11, part of the National People’s Congress and the provincial people’s Congress in Chengdu centralized inspection work has entered the third day, the entrepreneurial field delegates group to Pixian Jing town and hit off the Chengdu Tianfu Software Park D District, in the city of innovation work, planning and construction, site to understand, to collect first-hand information, in order to prepare proposals and suggestions.

in Pixian Jing Rong town, the delegates while smelling coffee, feel a deep sense of creating atmosphere, while through the propaganda film of understanding "the overall planning situation hit off the Jing Rong town". The core and the model of the town as "double Chengdu Rong Jing", has completed the transformation of 190 thousand square meters apartment, business incubator operation area of 110 thousand square meters, business service center, a passenger dining room, multifunctional stadium facilities have been put into use. Currently, has signed a cooperation with 8 universities to build a university student Park cooperation agreement, nearly 5000 entrepreneurs settled, has attracted more than and 20 venture capital institutions settled……"

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