Give up the world 500 strong work and their entrepreneurial life story

if you are working in the world’s top 500 enterprises, will you give up your work and home business? A lot of people for this problem is to answer a question mark, but there is a young man that gave up their own good work good choose home business.

Hunan news network news:

"this is not the life I want, I want to do something you love in your ability." With this faith, in June this year, Liang Zhijia resigned from Foxconn, plus his three senior high school students, opened a WeChat third party development company – Huaihua micro – Mango Technology Co. ltd..

2013 years after graduation, Liang Zhijia was selected by the world’s top five hundred enterprises in Shenzhen, engaged in the development of automation equipment in, more than seven thousand yuan a month. During the work of Foxconn, Liang Zhijia came into contact with the WeChat public platform, out of curiosity for new things, he learned a lot of information about the company’s public platform.   Liang Zhijia think, if you have not yet developed the third party service WeChat Huaihua to create a WeChat service company, the business must be very good. "Young people do not have the entrepreneurial failure, experience is wealth." Parents are very supportive of his ideas. So he and a few friends to exchange ideas, we hit it off. He resigned to return to Huaihua, rented office, since the formation of Huaihua micro – Mango Technology Co. ltd..

the first promotion, is a lesson


in April this year, Liang Zhijia registered his WeChat third party development company – Huaihua micro – Mango Technology Co. Ltd. in Huaihua. In mid June, the company officially operated, the 4 small business partners are both bosses and employees.

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