Entrepreneurial trap need vigilance

in the course of business, there are a lot of young people, especially young people, it is too quick to eat into a fat, so it is easy to see the road ahead, cause be unbearable to contemplate the consequences.

network fraud

[cases] Mr. Wang is in the business field or climb Gunda for 30 years "old marketing", recently in a well-known e-commerce website to open an account, start online business.

A, Mr. Wang saw a piece of information on the Internet, there is a "high credibility" logo customers provide high-quality low-priced bulk sand, seasoned Mr. Wang did not rush to start, but by the business sector to understand the situation of the supplier. In the confirmation of supplier "identity", Mr. Wang from the home where 30% of the payment in advance, according to the online account exchange in the past. He did not ship the sand, and to urge him home again and again under a nasty delivery, he had to personally went to the receiving of goods. Where Mr. Wang found that the existence of the business, but only steel trade, not to engage in building materials, and never set foot in the field of electronic commerce, the Internet companies, is the fraudster embezzled a copy of the business license of the company after the fictional. Finally, Mr. Wang lost hundreds of thousands of Yuan home customers.

[comments] although e-commerce has a fast and convenient features, but compared with the traditional way of trading, greater risk. Some criminals are using technology to transfer, borrow the name of the formal business fraud, many entrepreneurs are not familiar with the operation mode and characteristics of e-commerce and deceived. In fact, the network is only a medium of the transaction, through the network to obtain business information, must be investigated under the net. Especially large business volume list, high profit businesses often risk is relatively high, entrepreneurs should be more circumspect, personally visited is very necessary, not only is sitting at home, knock on the keyboard. Conditional, you can ask the investment, legal experts to check.

cooperation fraud[cases]

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