A couple of new ways to make money online Giveaway

in modern society has become a startup period, at the same time, the Internet has emerged a lot of classic entrepreneurial projects and make money, then, we take a look at what is good way to make money in the online business.

online recently in the way to make money: later reading website

online new tricks: "network reading list."

specific meaning: a web community reading list. RSS browser is good, but not enough socialization, some people may not adapt. What we need is for everyone to use and understand.

set reading, archiving and sharing websites never expire, especially for non-technical people.

trading principle: if encountered such a situation, see a good article, but there is no time to read? You can add to your favorites, but you may soon forget. If this page marked "later reading" and put it in a network reading list, is not better? Then, every week you can take an hour to read the list of all articles, and the classification, see what see most.

feasible reason: RSS browser is very popular, but the social sharing links more popular. If you combine the two together, there is a Firefox plug-in to do this, but also need to be expanded.

online recently in the way to make money: field real estate price index

online new tricks: "your house is now worth


the specific meaning: a field behind the house price websites need a powerful data model, make the price of the house are displayed on a map. To some extent, it has been done, the market is very crowded. But if you can provide the correct price for the house, you will make a fortune.

feasible reasons: every landlord wants to know how much his or her house. For large real estate investors, tracking and when to understand the price is very important. In addition, the human market index may be useful for the sale and valuation of real estate agents.

online recently in the way to make money: the sale of


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