How to open the fruit store monthly income of million

open a fruit shop can make money, which is very sure of one thing, however, you can think of it? The profits of this industry will be so high? A small fruit shop could million a month? Let Xiaobian below to introduce you to see how to do so high profit.

has a friend, is to do fruit business, in Zhejiang, Ningbo, one day when we call to talk to him when he said he opened a fruit stand, and now can also have a monthly income of more than 10 thousand. I was surprised that a fruit stand can also have such a high income? In depth communication, I realized that his fruit has its originality.

with his words summed up in four words: cut. The so-called open source, is looking for fruit sales channels, how to find channels, friends have a unique idea, in my eyes are very tall. Cost savings.

from media marketing

friends do a WeChat public number, released some of the fruits of the above functions, juice and fresh cutting more hands-on experience to share, loving friends have attract fruit the beauty of women, and then implanted their attractive fruit prices and health and safety. And friends in the treatment of old customers also have their own ideas, he believes the old customers can bring new customers and old customers to guide, cooperate with him, as long as it can bring new customers, old customers can be discounted, even the lowest to 40 percent off.

advertising and buy

Apart from the promotion of

on WeChat, friends for the next line to do publicity, beautifully crafted brochures, carefully edited, beautiful, practical knowledge of fruit, adding their own store address, telephone number and other public areas, WeChat, will be distributed to the stores to cover the book. The brochure is not purely advertising, but a health brochure. And from the local media cooperation, the use of its advantages to spread the news of the release of fruit.

cooperate with service provider

we all know that the cake shop and some of the needs of the fruit shop, which can be a friend of the service provider.

beauty marketing

said the Three Stooges surpass Zhu Geliang, in fact, in the business world. This is a fallacy. Friends spent a high salary to invite a big beauty, he said many people are directed at the beauty to buy fruit. Even the girls out of the name, in store cover is called fruit beauty. This did not save wages, but the effect is much better than the five people to get much cheaper.

shop to make money, this is not only the people’s goals, but also countless stores >

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