How to protect the train during the Spring Festival period Hefei added 5 to train enough

Spring Festival footsteps getting closer, many migrant workers embarked on a return journey, thus ushered in the peak of Spring Festival once a year. How to protect the train enough during the Spring Festival? Reporters today from the Hefei railway department, midnight yesterday, the two Hefei train station will add 5 pairs of passenger trains to protect the spring. Among them, 2 increase of the HeFei Railway Station South Station in Hefei, an increase of 3, mainly to Anqing, Guangzhou direction, let’s understand the details.

according to the railway department, today, the HeFei Railway Station and Hefei station opened a total figure given 200.5 pairs of passenger trains, the HeFei Railway Station to Hefei South Station 129.5 to 71. The new 2016 "9· 10" figure 5 increase of 2, which increased to HeFei Railway Station (Guangzhou South – Bengbu South G1748/G1747, Hefei ~ Anqing K8451/K8452); Hefei South Station (Hefei south to increase 3 ~ G9501/2 in Anqing, G9503/4 and G9505/6).

How to protect the

during the Spring Festival train enough? Relevant local railway departments need to be prepared in advance to protect the safety of the majority of passengers travel smoothly. At the same time, the railway departments to remind passengers, since January 1st, in the way or after the arrival report required passenger ticket lost. If the passengers on the train, the station ticket lost the real name train ticket, as long as the ID card, valid ticket information, verification is the booking information, and the original ticket is not used, can be on the train, the station for the loss formalities.

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