The electronic commerce new chaos like 2011 lame run


express existing resources to meet the contradiction of the development of electronic commerce, and eventually to the "violent explosion explosion

e-commerce lame run

2010, e-commerce is a crazy year, consumption data are constantly being refreshed, stampede in each capital.

, Shuangcheng, said, "this is the best of times and the worst of times." The electronic commerce also in the interpretation of this curse at the same time lag: Trading blowout underscores the infrastructure of delivery become a lame e-commerce industry running fast, and has become the common concern of talent industry enterprise development.

financing, listing, marketing channels, Ming Francis, 2010 story already ended. In 2011, for the industry will be how the


dual drive for consumption and capital

affected by her daughter, 48 year old Liu Jun began his online career. For in the company at the top of Liu Jun, this is just a small change in custom, but for the entire e-commerce industry, it is an important turning point — online shopping has become a habit from trying to spread from the minority to the public.

grew up with the Internet "80", "90" is gradually becoming the backbone of social consumption, and consumption behavior caused by the butterfly effect they make more and more people started to enter the ranks of online shopping. Coupled with inflation under the background of network sale price advantage is reflected in the electronic commerce website data, is a stunning growth.

average selling 48 thousand items per minute, up to 60 million people a day visit, single day turnover reached a peak of $1 billion 950 million…… China’s largest e-commerce platform Taobao 2010 report reflects the strong purchasing power of online shopping.

from the growth point of view, Taobao is not a single big. VANCL 2009 turnover of 500 million yuan, completed in 2010 sales of 2 billion yuan. Jingdong Mall for three consecutive years to maintain a growth of 300% in 2010 turnover exceeded $10 billion. Behind the beautiful volume of data is a strong consumer pull. In addition to consumer transaction data pulled e-commerce website, also call capital sensitive nerve.

2010, in addition to consumption, the industry is another driving force of capital. This year, e-commerce has almost become the capital of Carnival feast, all B2C sites were washed over the capital, the least amount is $10 million level, such as footwear vertical website good music to buy underwear, website dream Barshay the round of financing amount reached $60 million. In addition the independent B2C website, venture capital for the emerging Internet brand also showed unprecedented enthusiasm, after the Amoy brand wheat bags, JUSTYLE received two rounds of financing, the creation of Taobao’s brand "Mademoiselle" GreenBox Technology Co. Ltd. also received DC>

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