Anhui college entrance examination guide

2016 years of college entrance examination scores now candidates who already know, however, want to do well and have a good school, we also need to report the good nature, therefore, the country nature also provides relevant guidelines for. Here, the small series on the simple introduction of Anhui college entrance examination volunteer guide.

yesterday, the Anhui province college entrance examination results. At this time of year, always grad. However, the next most important thing is voluntary reporting. How to choose in many colleges and universities have a greater grasp of their own professional admission, is a technical activity, and even affect the future development. Provincial Education entrance examination hospital experts said that this year, one or two batches of parallel volunteers from last year’s 4 increased to 6, very favorable for candidates. When completing the volunteer, must be compared to nearly three years of admission rankings.

reference: mutatis mutandis, the province ranked school

candidates have a "guide", want to find their own schools, the need to use this book.

experts, before completing the volunteer, candidates should be familiar with the relevant policies of College admissions. The relevant policies in the "2016 Anhui province college entrance examination guidance" and "completing the volunteer candidates must read the first part of the" volunteer "considerations were introduced. Candidates should read carefully, be familiar with regulations in our province, completing the volunteer admission batch Toudang, set the rules, plan and apply for different categories of institutions such as the different requirements; at the same time, pay attention to apply for college admissions regulations, an accurate understanding of the school admissions policy and relevant test report, which was due to prevent tuidang inconsistent conditions.

in the choice of schools, should not just look at the score, the province has more reference value." Experts said that the annual results of different distribution, but the score is based on the enrollment plan and other factors delineated, so choose the school reference rankings, grasp the larger. However, in recent years the fractional line appears ups and downs, if only last year is certainly not enough, at least to choose the three most recent years universities Toudang lowest score ranking data as a reference.

report: six parallel volunteer opportunities more than

this year, the province of science and technology in the one or two installment of the number of parallel voluntary colleges and universities, from last year’s 4 increased to 6. "This is for candidates, more opportunities." Experts, plus this year the implementation of multi round Toudang candidates as long as accurate positioning, reasonable choice, can choose a suitable university.

in the choice of institutions, candidates can choose a few of their favorite schools. According to the school for nearly three years, Toudang lowest score ranking, more likely to have accepted analysis. Generally speaking, in accordance with the "flushing, guarantees, a steady steady pad a cushion principle is recommended

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