How to do indoor environmental franchise publicity

in the market has a lot of indoor environmental protection brand, these brands can provide indoor cleaning services, indoor environmental services. These services can help you create a good living environment, so that we can avoid pollution. Therefore, indoor environmental protection is very popular in the market, is also very popular. Merchants to invest in indoor environmental protection stores, attention should be paid to the store publicity. Reasonable publicity, it will bring you high popularity! So, how to do indoor environmental franchise publicity?

1, to provide them with gifts. Sharing existing products or new products with loyal fans is definitely a reliable way to get (usually) positive reviews about products, companies or brands. Make sure you have a set of mechanisms that can be used and spread widely. And make sure your blog owners follow the guidelines to reveal the gifts.

2, to provide them with gifts to their readers, fans or followers. Through your generosity, you have made the brand more pleasing to the main influencers, and when they send out these gifts, they also indirectly assure readers that the gifts are from reliable sources. The benefits of doing so are that those who receive the gift may be grateful for the channel and praise the gift. If your product cost is too high, but not in the number of large gifts, such as cars, then send a through competition, but around this incident to a lot of media, and attracted enough attention to the promotion of social competition. Of course, you can also spend less expensive, but unique, ideal, can attract consumers promotional items, or give a kind of experience, such as the opportunity to test the latest wheel.

3, show fans. Prominent loyal users of personal stories, photos, video or certificates. Let them know that this kind of presentation is cyclical and will collect the user’s content. For example, "Bob is our brand in February the world’s best fans."

4, user authentication and authorization. Consider a group of elites as your semi official. Through the appointment, let some elite fans in a period of time to become a celebrity, this will certainly create a lot of topics for fans. You can also give the user some specific tasks to complete, to report progress. This approach provides a structured way to continue the dialogue around the brand, and to guide the dialogue in a constructive direction.

5, let them compete with each other in a positive way. Hold a contest to find the biggest brand fans or the most loyal fans, or the use of the longest brand customers. Highlight these users or find them by asking them directly. For example, put up a question on your Facebook wall: "who remembers when our products were first launched?" Or "who has a special product packaging image to commemorate the events of 1995?" >

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