Where to open a high popularity

we all know that the women’s clothing industry is a good business all year round, as entrepreneurs, if you are optimistic about the industry, want to share, you need to have their own appeal. Want to let women’s franchise business is good, then the first thing is to achieve accurate location, a good location to bring tourists, today we introduce is related to the location of your entrepreneurial skills, hope to help.

women’s clothing store, the location of the flow of hospitality is an indisputable fact, however, on the basis of large traffic, women’s clothing is indeed more dependent on the location of the store than in the sales. This is due to the unique characteristics of the female consumer in the clothing industry, enhancing the role of a good position to improve sales.

female customers in the good position behind the consumer psychology is that when shopping, the majority of female customers like to slowly stroll, the location of the obvious place, naturally be "stroll" in the high probability. Such as: in front of the elevator and floor corner stores often become female customers frequented places, and those who do not rely on the elevator is not marginal stores are relatively deserted.

where to open a high popularity? Because most women like to shop around the first round, rather than directly into the mall in the middle of the store. Female customers to buy "to decide to buy what clothing, clothing purchase behavior more random, easier to see the" First impressions are strongest, a brand, etc. to see the brand will have a more and more critical.

contrast, the purpose of male customers to buy clothing to be clear, buy clothes before you want to buy what, after entering the mall to find the target directly, buy the right will no longer continue to stroll. Reporters at the mall were interviewed several female customers, one young lady said: "feel good will buy." Female customers are more concerned about the "feeling", and "position" can give people a shopping environment in the space "feeling"". For female customers to find, or "equivocate" and many brands are crowded together in the store natural "feel" is not good.

Open women’s clothing stores, especially in the clothing store decoration and similar circumstances, the majority of female customers will feel "only a better brand to occupy a more important position, so as to choose the better clothing store location. Conversely, when male customers buy clothes tend to think of the occupation and identity of their own, pay more attention to the taste of the clothing is right for you, I do not know since then the "love" of female customers shopping mall, then the "feeling" is not so concerned about the female customers.


as entrepreneurs, in the business, you have to do a series of entrepreneurship preparation, to make their own shops operating properly and logically arranged. Where can we get a high popularity? See recommended

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