The latest information about the coffee shop list

well-known coffee brand’s financial ability, in the market is also easy to get the attention of investors. Xiaobian share the latest information in the coffee shop list, I hope there is a willingness to venture investors can find suitable for your development of high-quality brands.

1. cross strait coffee

Chinese cross-strait coffee, coffee, Chinese food combination, bring Chinese better delicacy experience, belongs to the Chinese own national brand coffee Western-style food chain. Cross strait coffee restaurant in landscape design unique and elegant floral design, all-weather piano, violin performance, highlighting the extraordinary taste, the atmosphere full of fashion sense.



from the island for many years since the essence of beverage culture, shangdaogafei creative joined self elements, and making comprehensive Dongyang coffee boiled, since 1997 was established in Hainan in the mainland since the Chinese, only a vertical business model, in just a few years, the rapid development and expansion.

3. Mingtien coffee

code of coffee, favored by the vast number of consumers, flands coffee is coffee from Taiwan famous restaurant chain, now has more than 630 food stores, is the largest and most famous China, a brand of coffee. The name, meaning "master model", it expressed the desire to Mr. Liu Xingdian founder in the coffee industry, become an independent school to create a new cause of the determination and aspiration.

4. cat feces coffee

5. grinding time coffee

6. semoran coffee

has its own brand style, to create the one and only the brand coffee flavor, semoran with modern style fashion oriented, multi-level space not creative settings, create top visual effects. Tailored for the market to build the latest coffee products, top production equipment configuration.

coffee stores list of the latest to join message can help people understand now what brand in the market has more advantages. More than six brand strength is very strong, distinctive products, recommended

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