Qinglong County Hebei to carry out a variety of training to promote entrepreneurship and employment

employment and entrepreneurship are two mutually with the link, want to solve the employment problem of a part of the labor force, we need to vigorously promote local entrepreneurship, more entrepreneurial success, naturally can solve the employment problem.

is a combination of project construction, carry out the traditional skill training. Around the county’s real estate development, construction of key projects, and actively coordinate the county development and Reform Bureau, housing construction bureau, Planning Bureau and other departments, to carry out training in the Lanzhen vigorously, Xiao Ying Zi Town, training welders, carpenter 228.

in some rural areas, some farmers want to drive business and get rich, some of the early technology and entrepreneurship training is an essential thing, but also can stimulate local entrepreneurship and employment, help solve some social problems.


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