Talking about selling skills from four fruit stands

some people think that sales is very simple, while some people think that the sales of the coefficient of difficulty is very high, it was also said to do sales like agents". In fact, the sales staff can be accumulated from the daily sales experience in dribs and drabs. Take the fruit, it is the same business, different sales skills bring different results.

1, a


the old lady shook his head and walked away (the only product selling point, not to demand, are invalid, do not list)

2, the owner of two


3, the owner of three

the old lady "that a pound." (the customer needs to grasp, but the demand is the motivation behind what? Loss of further excavation of the opportunity to belong to the customer to buy, natural sales can not be single value amplification (


4, the owner of four

Chang said: "my apple is very good, what kind do you want an apple?" (looking at the demand) the old lady "I want something sour"

stall said: "most people buy apples are big sweet, why do you want to sour apples?" Dig deeper demand, the old lady: daughter-in-law pregnant, want to eat sour apple

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