See the O2O class errands company entrepreneurs to share experiences and lessons

now many startups are integrated into the O2O elements, in order to keep up with the business needs of the times, and if there is no business experience, you can consult with an experienced O2O company to learn, following small for you to share an O2O company’s business experience.

Exec (later renamed "ExecErrands") to meet the errands we want to become a part-time Personal Assistant / desire. For example, when those rewards are not enough to find a part-time job full-time can be random burden to do when I tried to find a helper, but it is difficult to have received notice at the last moment, can be completed on the same day errand man. I also try to recruit people to advertise in Taskrabbit and Craigslist, but the complexity of the selection process does not apply to small daily tasks.



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