Shenzhen car driver was arrested for motorcycle sports car to pull the wind

recently a Shenzhen car driver was arrested, his own car like alien sports car, is a double seat motorcycle. The owners have for driving without a license, not to the vehicle licensing detention charges.

2015 on December 30th at 9:52 in the morning, a netizen "Leon red _MU made a rare group of photos of vehicles, and to ask other users:" what is this car? The card can be

? "

photo, a "tricycle" style is very strange, called "foreign Star Hao car", attracted a crowd of buddies.

"North Star" in the United States belong to the category of motorcycle, the tail of the car has only one wheel, the appearance of avant-garde design and fashion, the back of the car only two people aboard, exotic rare models.

1 on the evening of 6 August, Shenzhen police responded: "has been detained! From now on, you will never see it again." Then the traffic police added: "what is a word called nozuonodie?."

1 8 in the morning, Shenzhen police informed that the "North Star" trench car was seized by law. The driver for undocumented, unlicensed vehicles, detained 5 days and a fine of 5000 yuan.

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