What is the cause of the ice cream

why in many small restaurant brands in ice cream will be acknowledged to be a full year profit brand project, one must have a necessity recognized, so why, look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you to:

project overview


ice cream dessert shop to join the project to change the traditional ideas, cold food, roasted, fried, boiled, fried, steamed, burning everything. It can provide a variety of new products, such as ice cream, ice cream, hot pot ice cream, barbecue ice cream, red wine and fruit ice cream. The project is sold by the gram, the different flavors of ice cream and colored candy, fruit, dried fruit, jam, such as small food mixed together, make ice cream, ice cream, fruit vinegar, milk ice cream ice cream carbonate and other more than and 300 kinds of self-service ice cream, let consumers enjoy the charm of ice cream.

in the taste of ice cream products, these are the personal independence of conduct a taste, as long as consumers, will fall in love with this wonderful feeling.

project features

1. cool appearance, wonderful taste, exquisite packaging.

2. tastes, choose, love a love with you


market analysis

according to statistics, ice cream production increased by 12 times in the past 10 years, annual sales of up to 3 million 800 thousand tons, and the annual growth rate of more than 10%, the current annual sales have reached about $97 billion 800 million.

also, in nutrition, ice cream dessert join not only strictly control the rise above the common herd, fat and sugar, especially in proteins, vitamins and trace elements beyond the standard, can make consumers feel the real nutrition. As a delicacy, is bound to have a good taste and market, can do the business well, the ice cream authentic European Italy taste, color, flavor, taste, shape, meaning, not only "delicious", also "ideology and support".

investment condition and benefit estimation

ice cream dessert shop to join a minimum investment of about 20 thousand yuan, including equipment investment, liquidity, venue rental fees, etc..

because there are differences in the amount of investment is also different, so the price of ice cream is not the same. Tianjin Binhai area, for example, the price of an ice cream is 5 yuan, the cost of only $0.4, gross profit margins of about $0.46.



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