Mobile phone business is to open a good shop or open shop good

in the current business environment, a lot of investors are in the end is to open a store or open shop such a predicament. After all, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, if the mobile phone business, in the end is to open a good store or open shop good?

set up shop, opened a mobile phone shop, choose to open the store or choose to open shop, this is a problem, is a problem plagued many people, so we now have to analyze, to open the store and open shop, for the mobile phone industry, which is better?

mobile phone store store advantage is that as long as you choose a good lot, then at least you can ensure that the traffic is no problem, but also can have a more convenient entry point. But as the saying goes, ran the temple monks stand, the store gives people a more comfortable feeling, to open a store is a mobile phone.

mobile phone store store also has shortcomings, that is, the cost of rent is not run, but also on the artificial, electricity, decoration fees, etc., so there is not enough money is difficult to sustain.

open mobile phone shop shop advantage lies in the capital, to open a shop to rent, do not need decoration, electricity are only need to use their own bills can be, so to open a mobile phone shop shop even if you have been put there regardless to fail.

But the

mobile phone store shop problem is that it is not easy to die, but it is not easy. Because the shop is to be active propaganda, it includes many methods and techniques of network marketing, so in order to open a store for mobile phone shop will be able to make money, this is unlikely.

so do the mobile phone business, whether it is to open a physical store or open shop, have their own advantages and disadvantages, the mobile phone industry is the final part of the technology and purchase channels. With the mobile phone repair technology, you have the basis and qualifications of the shop, with a good quality and cheap purchase channels, in order to make your lower cost, higher profits.

this analysis down, choose a brand is undoubtedly a better choice to join the venture. In short, in the end is the choice to open the store, or open shop, investors naturally need to be based on the actual situation of the analysis, so as to be able to earn more money in the mobile phone market.

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