Fruit shop operating principles you remember it

fresh fruit is what we often want to eat, is also very common, many people want to do business, are starting from the sale of fruit, then how to open a fruit shop? Fruit shop operating principles? In summary, the fruit shop in the business to meet the principle of fresh and full color collocation principle, principle, loss prevention principle, seasonal principle and cleaning principle, FIFO, so can the shops opened, the accumulation of popularity, gain. Here are the details:

fresh principles: fruit shop operating principles? Before the fruit is displayed in the sales area, quality inspection must be carried out to ensure that all the fruit on the shelf is in line with the standards of good quality, and the fruit is fresh. Join fruit once found rotten, deteriorated fruit, the first time to pick out, so as not to affect the sales.

plump principle: the fruits of the display to be plentiful, more goods, play a role in attracting customers, goods prices flat, and resolutely put an end to shortage, less goods.

color collocation principle: fruit rich color, bright color, proper combination and display color collocation, can fully reflect the richness and variability of fruit, not only to the customer, good to hear or see the changing of freshness, and promotional display of fruit better, this is the fruit display techniques where. Such as: purple grapes, red apples, golden orange, green pear collocation together will produce a riot of colours color effect.

loss prevention principle: fruit must consider the characteristics of different items in the display, select the correct methods, display props, temperature, or due to improper display caused by the loss. Peach is afraid of pressure and easy to heat, so the display can not be stacked; Apple has effect on the ripening of bananas, kiwi fruit and other fruits together easily lead to excessive deterioration.

seasonal principles: fruit shop operating principles? Fruit management has a very strong seasonal, different seasons have the corresponding fruit market. So fruit display should change over time, new varieties are displayed in the obvious places, to better meet the new needs of customers.

clean principle: cleaning after the display of fruit selling a good friend, good sales. Display area, equipment, display equipment is clean and sanitary, but also affect the customer’s desire to buy.

first in first out principle: fruit shop operating principle is what? If the same species at different times in several batches of goods, the first out of the first batch is to determine the first batch of goods to sell the principle of display. Fruit turnover period is short, quality change fast, adhere to this principle is essential.

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