Cosmetics store to seize the customer psychology can start from six aspects

market has a variety of cosmetics shops, but the popularity of varying degrees of popularity, there are few real earnings, which needs to reflect the cosmetics shop owners who reflect. Cosmetics shop how to do business? To grasp the psychological needs of consumers is the key, you can start from six aspects.

A, from the "mind" of – determine the positioning of

and store consumers.

orientation is to define the brand in the minds of consumers in position. Marketing and business wars do not occur in any street or shop, but in the minds of consumers. We must first understand who is the consumer? What in the minds of consumers shed? Where is the battlefield?

two, from the "mood" of the established shop layout and display

in the store layout and display is to let consumers around the shopping mood perspective to do a good job, follow the visibility, Tesco, authoritative principles to do. Rational planning of different functional areas and the value range, taking full account of the rational use of space. In the color must be reasonable, cheerful, eye.

three, from the "heart" of – determine the structure of


determine the categories of goods from the shop location, and then select a specific brand, determine the reasonable layout of the different proportion of the price range of the brand; brand new category for the new and current situation, the introduction of some of the popular trend of the brand.

four, from "thought" of – determine the price strategy of

five, from the "heart" of the promotion strategy of

According to the

six, from the "heart of joy" – staff management

now can grasp the heart of the psychological needs of consumers, improve performance and long-term development is not a problem, how to seize the consumer is recommended after the cosmetics store

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