Business should be convenient to each other

and the convenience of people, in many cases, in fact, it is with their own convenience, this is a fact that many people know. Is busy, the phone rang, I went to pick up the phone quickly put down the things, a look at the number, that is called Zheng sister in charge calls, I will not hesitate to answer the phone, but today I’m very reluctant to pick up the phone.

consider again and again, finally turned on the phone: help me recharge 50 yuan calls, okay? Number 189xxxxxxx" although the heart is not good, but still keep restraint of their emotions: "good, immediately help you recharge". Pick up the phone, I quickly put the account to write down the phone number and time, the amount of recharge recorded in detail.

logically speaking, business, I will be happy, but today is not a happy mood, have happened on the eve of the day from the start. Some time ago due to hot weather, open Chess Room boss Zheng sister to call out, often let me give her a prepaid calls, not only is she my phone, and in those poker telephone cards are her she called me her recharge.

and then have free time, she will use the evening when the weather is cool to come to my checkout. Over time, it will form a habit. One day, she called me to her friends card recharge one hundred yuan prepaid cards, on the second day and called me to her home in the poker cards prepaid charges 50 yuan, third days to call me when the prepaid calls, I reminded her to have the money you have: XX if the account fee did not end, she said no, how do you give me 50 yuan note.

was the store, a person I was busy, so in desperation I said to her: I have the bill, if you do not believe you can ask the parties received many calls for it, if you really do not believe that good, then don’t call me and let me give you recharge. Want to recharge the bill, their best". That night, Zheng sister came to my shop ablaze with anger and said: yesterday you what attitude ah, so who dare to you here ".

in fact, I have forgotten what attitude I was yesterday, but I feel very wronged, to help others recharge calls, but also to others that there is no recharge so much? For who will feel wronged. Now that she thought so good, I really do not want to do this business credit debts, and prepaid calls are so meager profits, now that she misunderstood my attitude is not good, then do not answer the phone business, I also worry. So now I’m feeling this way.

the morning of the second day, my husband told me that the chess room telephone charges on credit debts are married. At that time the chess room boss to checkout, the husband jokingly asked her: you this tone >

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