Hand travel entrepreneurs need to break five

Mobile Games good development prospects, many entrepreneurs are actively involved in opening up the road of wealth. Often said that the entrepreneurial road is full of dangers, so Mobile Games entrepreneurs will encounter what obstacles? They need to break the five mark.

First off:


venture initially is the most taboo without money and investments, do chores and walk in the future cannot do without money, you see what entrepreneurial team Douli Chuai? Do you have to develop hand travel research and development funds, they can not dig out the money to find a reliable investor. Each must do research and development people know, once the capital chain breaking out a half finished product, that you throw it not, don’t throw myself down, to end up in a nice hobble their tears are really The loss outweighs the gain..

said above is not money, even if you venture initially may not be Everything is going smoothly. money. If you lack of financial planning, think we have money, people casually recruit, money casually spend. Office environment is also good, OK, on the five-star office. If you do, you can only say congratulations, you choose a shortcut to death.

second off:


money you have to recruit, to small company administration to company executives you have to recruit, staff you have, have to make strategic leadership, none of these people is not called the entrepreneurial team. Li said that in twenty-first Century the most valuable talent, in fact, any era of talent are valuable. From the company to the outside of the company, all aspects can not be separated from the people, the market expansion you have someone? You have to be someone else!

finally ended up with everyone to work hard for several months is not a little improvement Haihua a lot of money, you will be lost, ShouDeXia employees will be lost, insist on or give up become a common problem in my heart this time. For a mature company employee turnover is inevitable, not to mention the entrepreneurial team? Entrepreneurial team how to retain talent is a great knowledge, but you certainly have a large salary benefits than companies. If the team can not feel the hope, prospects, but also can not learn anything, and you are still crazy overtime, copy the cottage. Then people are with you to say goodbye the possibilities are endless high.

said is the director general of the personnel, the most terrible is not to meet the director general of the entrepreneurial talent". A certain person in the circle is called >

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