Disadvantage is a blessing to help the cause of development

there are many shopkeepers are preoccupied with what it is, what good are not willing to eat, if this is the attitude of doing business, development of business is certainly no help. I shop early, the time-honored also belong in this street, from the original only eight or nine square meters of small houses, now business area of hundred and fifty or sixty square meter supermarket, I have been holding the principle of honesty, and would prefer to suffer, do not let the customer be wronged, through so many years of development, I the supermarket has accumulated some contacts, old customers become the main source of my supermarket.

would like to say that the impression of a deep business experience, it is really too much, we pick a close to it. The 16 day of the first month of this year, second days after the Lantern Festival, early in the morning, just open the door, there is a young man driving a car to my home in the supermarket. He said, today is his wedding day, 4 points to send 10 box to a three star hotel in the town’s largest wedding hall in the afternoon. According to the customer’s advice, I at 3:40 to send wine. But when the wine box was placed on the table, the accident happened.

The original

, this brand of this grade liquor has two kinds of styles, he was red, and his father-in-law home is blue, the two are organized in the same hall. Others are unified, if the wine with two words, will make the guests joke. My home sales are red, and blue liquor is not sold in our town, I pulled ten boxes of wine has been opened in the box of five boxes. But to see the groom a worried look, I said, or I’ll help you think of a way.

then, I’ll have a telephone, finally, from the town of more than and 50 in the county to contact the liquor. Then, I drove to the retail counterparts there, free of charge for him to pull back the liquor, and finally, the demolition of the box pulled home. All along, I did not drink a glass of water, he didn’t smoke a cigarette, but did not have a penny of his hard-earned money.

this event all along is not my fault, to the customer designated liquor, as many people will put the blame to the customer, and the liquor unpacking on the table. Home, only a bottle of a bottle, there is no way to sell the fcl. But I did not ask the customer to pay a penny, but the human, material and financial resources to help customers to buy their favorite products. Some colleagues that I fuss, but because I thought this consideration for customers, to win more customers trust.

although he is a bit of a loss, but because it is really for the customer to consider, and thus won the reputation of the customer’s mind. In short, to provide customers with convenient, for them to solve the problem, to see them smile, my heart will always have a sense of satisfaction. For so many years, it is because of my good faith management, the customer is sincere, sincere, true feelings, the time to the customer as the center of life, from the original small grocery store for today’s growth >

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