To carry out the collection services to better store business

a shop if you want a better business, higher performance, may wish to carry out some business, so as to earn a higher profit. And because of the current popular online shopping, so if a shop to carry out the collection of services, I believe that will make the business become more popular, earn a higher profit.

with the rise of the shop quietly, so that more and more feel the pressure of the store. There are two reasons for the rise of the shop: one is the price advantage, shop goods are directly linked to the manufacturers, a lot less intermediate links, the price is lower than the physical store. The second advantage is that this advantage is not the home shop. Now people, especially young people like online shopping is the reason for door-to-door, can save their time to do other. Some places too many shops, resulting in the ability of young people have been attracted in the past, too much pressure on the store, had to close.

in addition, some shops closed is for their own reasons, or is the price expensive, resulting in fewer customers, finally had to be closed to make ends meet. There is that although the price is not expensive, but the poor quality of service, the customer is lukewarm and frequently sarcastic mocking words, resulting in no repeat. Supermarkets are most dependent on repeat customers, if there is no fixed source, it indicates that the store is almost gone.

under the new situation, only a single service difficult to stop, want the business can do it for a long time, increase the types of services is the best choice. In recent years, the beginning of my shop is to increase the generation of charging service, which is electricity and mobile phone charges. The effect is very obvious, more and more people to have not only the payment, home when commodity needs will go away. In particular, the male customers, to pay almost the time to spend some, buy a pack of cigarettes to buy a bottle of drinks, turnover increased a lot.

later, I was near a supermarket to see my business is good, but also on behalf of the charging business, so that I have a corresponding reduction in the number of tourists. In response to this situation, I contacted the other business: collecting courier and letters. I go to the town every day to purchase, we express here are sent to the town, and then told me to take. I will negotiate with the courier company, by me to get back to our express, so that people do not have to take the town, in my store can be back.

every day I express and mail back to the store, who I write my name on the outside of the shop on the blackboard, do not have to go into the store can know that there is nothing of their own, greatly facilitate the neighborhood. And I do it all for free, so I get my neighbors. Based on this, I come here to spend more and more customers, they say the most is like to help the good people.

business is not good in all walks of life, we only

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