Galaxy nternet 2 one stop service platform press conference held

in the current information age, each platform with the efforts of researchers, but also in constant change, the service is able to provide a daily change. With the joint efforts of all staff, the galaxy Internet 2 conference official opening platform, which can provide better services for consumers.

5 17, Galaxy Internet Holdings (Beijing) Co. Ltd. in Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park International Conference Service Center held a "Galaxy Internet 2 — one-stop Internet business service open platform conference".

Galaxy Internet chairman Xu Maodong said at the meeting, "the 1 period, we are Create Company and efficient connection, matching first-class projects and first-class team, as a co-founder of the pioneering work of sharing difficult low frequency.


2.0 era, we will connect the entrepreneurs and investors, the whole process of comprehensive coverage of the development of start-up companies, combining online and offline, provide project creation, capital, joint venture, financing, space, development, recruitment, training, entrepreneurial support, marketing, financial management and other one-stop professional business service for Internet entrepreneurs and open to all entrepreneurs, we all share common prosperity."

for the galaxy Internet, perhaps the most familiar is 1, but with the advent of the 2, will undoubtedly enable more consumers to benefit a lot, more to promote China’s Internet business enterprise better operation.

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