90 entrepreneurs bullish do university teachers to cattle

employment is becoming a difficult problem of contemporary college students encounter, when a stable job is not easy, the university teacher is more popular, but the 90 students gave up this occupation, to return home to get rich cattle.

he roots in the countryside. "The HEGENSHAN 90 students oxherd" special love cattle, mowing, mixed feed, feeding everything work to do. Every time I go to the barn, he will walk into the active pat cattle head, then take the grass for the cows, affection shows between the lines.

2 11 in the afternoon, he roots to Huanggang City, Huangzhou District, the mall of the "root of beef," the counter to deliver goods, selling sister told him that today’s business is really good, sold a total of more than and 100 pounds, more than 700 yuan.

2 11 July at dusk, in a burst of firecrackers, 23 year old Hubei Bailian Luotian County Township village bell cover "the people’s livelihood cattle cooperatives chairman Horgen, from Luotian county Party Secretary Hu Jing took over the hands of the CPC Luotian county personnel work leading group awarded the" rural practical technical personnel leader "award certificate and bonus of 500 yuan.

2011 in June, Horgen taught at the Wuhan Career Academy Software Engineering School of exceptional made a surprising decision: to resign from the work of university teachers to cattle business. In 2012, he was elected to participate in the "top ten people moved the" selection, reason is: University to hold down the pointer, the bullwhip, led the villagers to get rich.


HEGENSHAN answer: "rural entrepreneurship beyond all expectations the biggest difficulty is not money, not project, not the policy of the government funded, but not rural young people!"

this is his personal feelings.

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