Bobbi Da Han restaurant project introduction


Da Bobbi Korean restaurant? Da Bobbi Korean restaurant to join what conditions? Look at the following specific introduction.

Da Bobbi Han restaurant project

Da Bobbi Han main restaurant, Korean restaurant. Bibimbap is rich in nutrition and heat is not high, especially to eat all kinds of vegetables, which is in line with the vegetables and weight-loss trend all over the world a. Characterization of Bibimbap also love to eat in Korea, if the lover together at the restaurant Bibimbap words, man must go for his girlfriend beaten bibimbap; if his girlfriend can not eat the meals naked, the man would have to eat the remaining rice completely clean, to represent the love of his girlfriend. Bobbi Da Han restaurant is located in Chaoyang District East sanhuan, convenient transportation, the environment is superior, is your shopping office and I the ideal place to eat.

Da Bobbi Korean restaurant Chinese since entering the market, by the majority of consumers love and praise, as many gourmet collection station, not only can taste the delicacy here, elegant environment to make people relax.

click special Bobbi Han restaurant has rich cultural heritage of ancient Rome 3000 years of Italy pizza, compared with only one hundred years of history of the Western hamburger and fried chicken, is a strong opponent. Bobbi Da Han restaurant to "health, fashion" as a concept, to urban white-collar workers, business people, family lovers as the main target customers, lively fashion style. Due to the use of materials, taste authentic, good response in the customer base.

Da Bobbi Han restaurant with consumption characteristics Chinese, carefully integrate the pizza and snacks, dozens of flavor fashion drinks, with a new sales model, close to the public, making Bobbi Korean restaurant and is equipped with a variety of delicious snacks and drinks coffee, tea, ice etc.. Simple, casual, elegant, stylish environment for the pursuit of romantic people ran; pizza, steak, coffee, snacks make fashion people were unable to stop, when the attractive color, delicious fragrance appear in the table, your enthusiasm is not delicacy again ignite


Da Bobbi Korean restaurant, petty bourgeoisie, let you forget. Then Bobbi joined the Korean restaurant, hot, welcome you to join

and create wealth in life!

Da Bobbi joined the Korean restaurant:

a, franchisee qualification:

can identify click Bobbi Korean restaurant business philosophy, it can be used as a long-term undertaking, and can keep the good reputation and image in the course of business; have a positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, love in this industry; a qualification of independent legal person and certain management ability.


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