The couple insist on the development of tails joint venture street stalls become self brand

both husband and wife to start a business, but also a lot of young people’s choice. Xiaobian survey learned that the couple shop is the initial form of many small and medium entrepreneurs, Liang Suping and Geng Junjie is such a couple of joint venture.

"actually our first project if you persist to the present, should have been a success." At the beginning, the big man Geng Junjie is the home of the "steering wheel", was a little anxious although he high efficiency, but the total love for the runway, to start a business for ten years, he changed jobs several times "with Liang Suping".

1993 years, he invested about 300000 yuan, opened a compression plate factory, after operating for 17 months, Geng Junjie did not insist on doing business.

1998, a Zhengzhou textile factory closed down, Geng Junjie received the equipment and materials in the factory, he found that the factory production product sealing line of a large profit margins, so the factory turned into an industrial plant with line. However, not too long, the factory business difficulties, Geng Junjie chose to give up. A few years no

"I do have a little cop-out, the entrepreneurial process once encountered some difficulties, he wanted to give up, insist on not down." Geng Junjie decided to play the advantages of their own hard work, the steering wheel to his wife Liang Suping.

2003, once a business was found in Guangdong garment factory workers Liang Suping: some international brands of clothing manufacturers sell clothing with the rest of the "tail", the rest of the fabric is not only good quality, but also made some children’s clothing and clothing Home Furnishing can, "turning waste into treasure".

2008, pioneering "steering wheel" master Liang Suping once again, she and Geng Junjie attended the Zhengzhou City career guidance center SYB training, in June of the same year, they began to create "Kangyue clothing brand".

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