These points need to be noted in the breakfast shop

in many of life’s motto, there is a sentence with today’s small series to introduce the topic, that is: the details determine success or failure. Many entrepreneurs want to open a breakfast shop, but when the real business process, they found that it is not easy to want to get a good consumer. So for this problem to make up for the small breakfast operators who put forward the following suggestions.

1, steamed buns to the hot air blowing over the street, because the smell of steamed stuffed bun is a breakfast shop invisible advertising. Like making a cake of 85 degrees is the use of this method.

2, breakfast store cashier cashier when you remember to put a variety of coins into different lattices, improve efficiency. In addition, consumers must contact the table clean and white, so consumers to spend time when the mood will be more comfortable and pleasant, the breakfast shop has a clean and healthy impression.

3, the price must be large. Can not picture, words must be large, and the name should be straightforward.

4, prepare some thick tissue paper, because the steamed buns will be hot, wrapped in plastic bags outside the two paper towels on the one hand, on the other hand is also convenient for consumers to eat the mouth. This detail can give consumers a good impression.

5, if you have the idea, you can design some lovely paper bags, food paper bags are oil inside, and now the practice is to put a plastic bag, and then put the paper bag, add two paper towels.

6, according to the type of buns made of plastic sheet of different colors, each edge is inserted to Longti steamed plastic sheet, this can improve the efficiency of the steamed stuffed bun in the busy time.

do not know the above several breakfast shop business skills is not to say that you answer the question, if it is in your business process to implement it.

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