Deep reorganization meeting six starting point to promote the reform of the

reform and development needs of the correct leadership of the party, the need for comprehensive innovation, the meeting held in the deep reorganization of the clear definition of reform, promote the school and hard work". Six starting point of new policies to promote reform landing, promote the development of new Chinese better.

in "the four overall strategic layout, deepen the reform of fundamental power is comprehensive, but also the spiritual core and method. As the central comprehensive deepening of reform leading group leader, general secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly will comprehensively deepen reforms to make important statements, "answered the reform to reuse what kind of people" and "reform as to what to put in the first place" and "reform should adhere to the principle of" what thinking "how to test the effect of the reform and other issues, the internal logic and context the outline of reform increasingly clear.

2 23 held a comprehensive deepening of the central leading group of the second session of the meeting, around the comprehensive deepening of reform, how to implement a series of problems, such as a number of new initiatives, the new judgment of the twenty-first. Analysis of the media and scholars believe that to guide everyone to be sent is to promote reform, grasp the "people oriented" of the number, this is the comprehensive deepening the reform of the organization to mobilize again. How to test the effectiveness of the reform, the most critical is to look at the people’s feelings about the fruits of reform and development, the key is to let the real reform of the gold content.

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