Clever use of gifts to enhance store performance

now because of the very large number of stores, resulting in a lot of merchandise profits have been transparent, so if you want to attract customers, often need to give a gift. And every year it is the peak of consumption. This time, we should seize the opportunity to promote consumption. However, how to stimulate consumption?

based on years of experience, I summed up a, that is, the use of special gifts to attract customers, and thus to enhance their sales a grade. However, there is also the doorway of gifts, not to send what is good, not free to send. We must seize the opportunity, according to the customer’s psychology, so as to be able to play a multiplier effect.

send cigarettes to advertise

cigarette is an important commodity in our supermarket, it can not only make me earn money, but also can promote the sale of other goods, so I have been selling cigarettes as a top priority. For a listing of cigarettes, some manufacturers will have some test suction products, for these cigarettes, my approach is to open them, and then to the customer to taste, like a box of cigarettes, I can send twenty people.

however, this is not just a matter of smoke, when I give cigarettes to them, to close the distance between each other, enhance each other’s feelings. To know that a cigarette does not have much money, but I use it to create a great value, can enhance the feelings and customers, this is definitely not a cigarette can be solved. After the customer receives the smoke will be very surprised, then thank you very much, then may buy this brand, if not buy, I can further stabilize the customer.

think about it, it is a matter of many things. Customer Zhang is a smoker, he often rub to me smoke, so every day I gave him one, he was very happy. Not only helped me with my work, but also help me to introduce, it became our supermarket promoters. So, whenever there is a time to try smoking, my supermarket will be bustling, popularity, also worry about no money? Not only that, there are times when there is no suction test, I will, according to the needs of the initiative to open a box, as it is trying to attract customers to enjoy the quality of the product, I really really a move to attract a lot of customers. To some extent, this can be regarded as a promotional tool!

send couplet praise

at the end of each year, I will take advantage of this opportunity to give the customer a surprise, because the customer’s surprise for our retail households is too important. Over the years, I have been using a specific season free gift giving the way to attract customers, and thus won the praise of customers. Because the couplet is full of happiness, the price is cheap, every household needs.

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