How to open a high forced men’s clothing store

fashion fashion in the pursuit of the needs of the times, fashion apparel concern and favor. If you want to open a personalized boutique fashion menswear store, do not prevent the window design, not only promoted the hot season alone, can also make the store more attractive content, of course, according to the brand positioning of their business storefront with a hall.


is run by the amount of profit of popular clothing brand, will be used to show the desktop, neatly placed a lot of clothing, it will give the customer to Taohuo feel so, this kind of popular clothing store in the decoration to make enough desktop. Lattice type shelves are often used, like UNIQLO there are a lot of lattice type shelf for the display of different types and styles of clothes.

a lot of clothing can also achieve good results with the use of coffee. In the decoration materials, paint glass is a good material for high quality and inexpensive, even some of the big, will apply to. The principle is in line with the clothing brand style and positioning, do not grab the limelight clothing. In addition, the clothing store decoration, the color should be unified in the end. Display shelves recommended deep red or dark brown, display shelves designed into European style cabinets can increase the sense of high-end shops.

is a kind of animal phototaxis, where the natural light to attract attention, but rely on dark to set off the lights, this is the use of technology. For a clothing store, the electricity consumption of lighting is indeed very high, but if you want to make a good sales performance, the money can not save. Men’s clothing store lights do not need to be too bright to practical. Men’s clothing store lighting light color selection color in the 3000-4000K light source.

if it is mid-range fashion brand men’s clothing store, in the decoration should take into account the problem of clothing hanging display. The use of a variety of shelf purchases will be considered when decorating the problem, leaving the desktop display space can be reduced.

if it is to take the high-end line of men’s clothing brand, then men’s clothing store, please a professional designer can be matched with high-end clothing brand positioning. It is difficult to rely on their own high-end clothing store decoration.

good sign, character name, clean the window, often can represent a feature of the store. Clothing store design should be simple and unique. The name of the men’s clothing store design to the atmosphere and strength. Color can be deep, but the font must be clear. The design is against the use of the word art and traditional Chinese characters for names. That would allow customers to remember the name.

good way to set up to improve the sales of men’s clothing. Many shopkeepers are advocating easy access to the principle of trying to stay in the customer. So that customers can easily enter the shop is very simple, many bosses understand that the path to be smooth. However, men’s decoration should take into account the female consumer psychology and recommend men

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