Ding Quanfu’s entrepreneurial path

everyone on the road to entrepreneurship, all have their own reasons, some people are forced by life, some people because of the pursuit of their own, and Ding Quanfu went through entrepreneurial success, he is because of what? And let’s take a look!

forty laid-off, nearly fifty years carries 20 thousand yuan at home "take" home cleaning company. Three or four years he has done business in Changzhou, Shanghai…… Ding Quanfu had experienced 9 years of unemployment, re employment, entrepreneurial hardships.


2007 in March, Ding Quanfu successfully got the. Training so that he learned how to calculate costs, timely grasp of the policy, but also greatly stimulated his entrepreneurial enthusiasm. In order to save business costs, the Fu Ding office located in the home, then carries only 20 thousand yuan savings family, bought some special cleaning equipment, hired 3 cleaners, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship for customers always on the move.

in order to open up the market, Ding Quanfu sitting in the bus every day to visit the hospital, from door to door enterprises, schools, usually old Ding would be rejected, even into the door, the bench sit for a long time. Most of the time, often run around the whole day even the food is not to eat, but the business or nothing.

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