Catering industry how to do crisis public relations

food and beverage industry, especially large chains such as KFC, McDonald’s, once broke the food quality problems, is a huge market crisis, how to do public relations crisis is particularly important, today Xiaobian take you to discuss how to carry out the catering industry crisis public relations.

, a sincere apology, ease consumer sentiment

"attitude determines destiny", the event of a crisis, this sentence is true. In dealing with the crisis, attitude is the most important. The first time the voice and responsibility of all doubt can not bear down, can not talk ambiguously, ambiguous attitude, can not speed slow, and then come up with the most responsible attitude and the fact that the action quickly and make the processing of events. In fact, after a lot of crisis events, the media and the audience and even the victim is not very concerned about the event itself, but more concerned about the attitude of the responsible person. Apathy, arrogance, and other attitude will only increase the public’s anger, the incident itself a serious amplification.

1. official stance to apologize for the first time to stand up

in the speed of information dissemination developed today, must be the first time in the matter worse apology issued a letter of apology, to the official attitude, this fully shows the company’s high sense of responsibility and concern.

2. held a press conference, the leaders publicly apologized


2013 in April, the online burst Nongfushangquan production standard problem, and Nongfushangquan occurred nearly a month after the event was held a press conference to clarify, in the crisis, the first time to give accurate response to almost is the iron rule, farmer spring in the early stage of reaction and it is worth mentioning, not to seize the opportunity to clarify. Back and support the spirit of good practice good lines to the speech, I have no interest in the audience. The result is true and brutal: Nongfushangquan dead Beijing bottled water market, economic interests and corporate reputations.

two, focus on communication, to clarify the facts of

contradictions are mostly from lack of communication, a lot of things as long as the appropriate communication will be resolved smoothly. Communication is one of the most essential tasks when a crisis occurs.

1. communicate with victims


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