Business needs to be treated sincerely

different operators, the attitude of doing business will not be the same, and here, according to the small business market to analyze the situation, in fact, really need to do business we really treat. "Nothing in the world is difficult if you put your heart into it." I am convinced that this sentence, I have been in the business of cigarette so he encouraged his. What do a person, a business to "heart to heart", so that business can be a long long time.

always attentively". I will use the free time, with the help of the Internet, newspapers and other carriers to learn a variety of cigarette brand knowledge and selling points, and then according to the characteristics of each cigarette, the preparation of different auspicious words. As to buy a "double happiness" customer sent a "Double Happiness life, good luck in everything"; to buy "Taishan" (grand) sent to the customer a "to make progress, realize the ambition"; to buy "Taishan" (Wang Yue) sent to the customer a "Wang Yue Taishan, broad-minded". A simple word to let customers buy smoke process becomes happy.

everywhere "true". Do business but also pay attention to it, provide more convenient service for the customer, business will come. I put the phone stuck in front of the store, at any time to nearby residents to provide door-to-door service; in the shop opened a tea, prepared good tea, let the customer have a rest place for tea.

everything sincerely". In order to let the new and old customers at ease shopping here, I designed a kind of self-adhesive label. Labeled by the good faith, is absolutely authentic, and attach the name, address and telephone number. Every time I meet the customer to buy the whole cigarette, I will stick to the seal of the cigarette as a promise. This move not only retain many repeat customers, through customer word-of-mouth, also ushered in a lot of new customers.

if the attitude of the cause, the customer is not satisfied with the shop, thus no longer patronize the store, which will inevitably result in a very large loss of store management. So, if you want to make the store business can have a better development, but also need to be able to really treat us.

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