Do you want to start looking for investment

many people want to work, but suffer from lack of funds, but also feel shy with relatives opening here, we teach you some of the financing way, so that you can do to find the source of funds for your business projects!

To do before

2, understand the financing knowledge, understanding of investor preferences and characteristics. On the economic situation and the dynamics of investment and financing should also have a detailed understanding of the industry in particular, the investment situation, such as those companies in the last year to get the investment, their advantage in there, these are very important. If your data is not complete, we have the new "2010 China risk investment Yearbook" more than 1 thousand page hardcover, a detailed record of the dynamic investment and financing industry recently, knowledge and skills, specific information also includes a large number of investors. Can provide an important reference for your investment and financing.

3, write a business plan, almost all investors to hope your business plan to see you on the first before, so you walk out of the financing for the first step, the plan is very important, but many places exaggerated the plan, even some people think that as long as there is misunderstanding, do a good plan, will be able to obtain financing. In fact, this is very wrong, a good plan will give investors leave a good first impression, but whether the investment should be combined with other factors, the project is the most important. Therefore, the project can be explained clearly is the most important, often hundreds of pages of plan and can not play the actual effect, on the contrary, the exquisite concise and comprehensive plan is the most welcome investors.

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