College graduates entering the employment season entrepreneurs younger

senior students will usher in their last semester of student life. Now is the best time for college graduates to find a way out of the future, whether it is business or employment, should make an early decision.

2 22, the Lantern Festival, tomorrow, that is, the major colleges and universities ushered in the school day. For senior student, the mood is really have mixed feelings. Because after the winter vacation, after school to face a thesis defense, two to find a job. Today, the reporter gave us inventory of the development of the status quo of college students entrepreneurship in Shandong, to those who want to start a college students do a reference.

in business groups to research graduate students, accounting for 59.1% of men, 40.9% women; in the research for college students’ venture group, 60.9% male, 39.1% female.

entrepreneurs younger age trend   college or bachelor degree occupy the main

For graduate students in

in the cultural level, the research for entrepreneurial group of graduate students, graduate and above in reading have accounted for more than 5.8%, junior college or undergraduate diploma or bachelor degree accounted for 26.5%, accounting for 44.2% of the other 23.5%; in groups for college students entrepreneurship research, Graduate Education 5.2%, 62.8% undergraduate, college education is 32%.


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