The name of the bovine B business is bleak

to the shop to pick up a cow B name, it is caused the attention of people, then, the business will be prosperous? From the point of view of the current market, it may not be so. The following small series to introduce a name, is cattle B, but the business is very bleak case.

recently, the road to peace in Handan city a and sell beef soup and barbecue shop put up a "cow" advertising in front of the door, claiming to be "the most cattle B soup", "most cattle B barbecue".

Because the

shop is located in the Handan city middle school third side opposite, this uncivilized name and slogan attracted many students and parents discontent, hope that the relevant departments can persuade the boss to abandon the "cow" advertisement.

it is understood that the store did not boast because "most cattle" business is booming, instead of many people because of resentment and refused to go to eat.

so, if you want to make consumers remember the name, really need to be creative, but this idea is not to let consumers feel unwell, even have a feeling of nausea, it will naturally have a very large impact on business development. In short, whether or not the hot shop business, but the name has played a very important role.

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