The Baoqiang Wang family accident continued the perpetrators of family escape death siblings

the day before yesterday evening, Baoqiang Wang micro-blog, said the family killed in car accident, the other perpetrators of drunk driving and not only has to escape. Baoqiang Wang micro-blog in emotional abuse. The 14 day, Baoqiang Wang issued a long micro-blog detailed explanation of this event antecedents and consequences.

13 evening, actor Baoqiang Wang micro-blog said his voice through personal family died in a traffic accident, the perpetrators of drunk driving at escape, "the people killed also don’t know to escape, the death of family leave much pain." As of 14 PM, at about 3 am, the number of comments micro-blog has exceeded the number of one hundred thousand.

14 morning, Beijing News reporter from Baoqiang Wang’s agent was informed, the home of a family had died, now Baoqiang Wang has come back. According to Baoqiang Wang’s assistant, said the police have not yet given a clear answer, the specific circumstances also need to be able to ask people to clear".

14 PM, South County Traffic Police Brigade, a staff member told the Beijing News reporter confirmed that the incident occurred on December 1st, the driver has voluntarily surrendered in the escape, has been the local police administrative detention.

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