What are the Manicure shop name of success

although many people have mastered the skills and methods, Manicure shop name however, how a successful name has also become a disturbing thing. Here, Xiaobian to introduce some successful Manicure shop name, which can give entrepreneurs a reference.

1, Manicure shop Carnival


creative Description:

carnival, Jia metaphor "a", carnival is a very original word. Carnival is a traditional festival in Europe, Europe and the United States is the predecessor of the carnival, originated in ancient Egypt, and later became the Rome Saturnalia celebrations.

"Carnival" both look or sound like elegant air, this beautiful Chinese name comes from the "Bible" in a between the devil and the story of Jesus. To meet the needs of the cultural and ideological quality of women in the era of commodity consumption value of culture. Hope that the above program can give you inspiration!

2, Mozoe

Manicure refers to the wonderful shop


derived from the phrase "Hongyimiaozhi". Another "you Jian Quan (Li Bai)": "I write to the wonderful sound but not knowing that estrus, the ancient song."

wonderful fingers, full of wit and humour.

mozoe is more (more and more;) Zoe (vitality) synthesis, which means "more vitality vigor".

advertisement: refers to the wonderful vitality, full of wit and humour


3, Anna Manicure shop Youcheer


let beautiful colors flow through the nails.

charming style, youth ripples.

youcheer=you (you) +cheer (cheer, cheer, cheer), that "make you happy, satisfied" color (nail).

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4, Naiou Manicure shop nail

nail is Manicure meaning, in English directly, highlighting the trend of the internationalization of feeling.

Naiou Manicure homophonic to Manicure Oh, come, come.

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