What are the open noodle equipment

So many

catering business projects, as long as you have the patience to always find their own, today we introduce the traditional noodle Chinese without loss of fresh food items. Before the small has to introduce the noodle shop management problems many, today we will talk about the need to open a noodle shop what equipment?

What are the

opened a noodle shop equipment?

What should we prepare to open a noodle shop in

, which need equipment to open a noodle shop? This is what we need to do preparatory work before opening a mansion, but it is a lot of people want noodle entrepreneurship common questions. The traditional open noodle need a lot of equipment. Such as cooking stove. Small fry stove. Dressing table. Wash basin. Baidunzi tool and so on. For entrepreneurs who have no experience. These are the problems need to be resolved, and the core technology of noodle. Taste these can not be ignored. Here Xiaobian recommend choosing a noodle brand characteristics. Headquarters of the whole one-stop ready for you, so it is much easier to make money shop. In view of this question which need to open a noodle shop equipment, Xiaobian introduce!

opened a noodle shop equipment:

1, cooking stove 1200

2, small fry stove 500

3, the soup kitchen 300

4, four door freezer 3000

5 1000

, a cupboard

6, seasoning table 400

7, cutting table 600

8, wash basin 500

9, baidunzi tool 300

10, pot and a variety of kitchen seasoning cylinder, stainless steel basin 1000


lobby chairs

is expected to 300 yuan per set of 8 sets of

total 2400 yuan

chopsticks, soy sauce pot, pepper pot, paper box is expected to 200 yuan

What should we prepare before

opened a noodle shop, we must first choose a good pasta to join the brand, have a good understanding of the brand.


noodle is not small, easy to win in this competition, of course, to join the brand characteristic. The soup clear surface soft, non stick is not chaos, green >

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