Japanese members said Japan as the fifty first state Japanese is expected to become the president of

recently had the Japanese Senator Maruyama Kazuno in the Senate meeting that day as stunned, fifty-first, so the future is likely to be elected president of the United States Japanese scene. Maruyama Kazuno also said that Obama has a black blood, that is, "slaves".

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Maruyama then said: "now, the president of the United States is black. Black blood. Plainly, is a slave (descent). Lincoln freed the black slaves. However, they had no citizenship and nothing. Wait (Martin ·) Luther · Kim came out, they were granted civil rights in the civil rights movement. However, in the early days of the founding of the United States, black slaves, people will never think of the black will become president of the United states."

Maruyama remark, the Japanese government and the public. After the end of the meeting, held a press conference, on his own speech may lead to misunderstanding apology, intends to view the minutes after the meeting to modify or delete statement.

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