Automotive textile safety into the Shanghai trade and ndustry Bureau for your secret

in the advent of the Internet today, we really have a lot of shopping convenience, but still faces a lot of problems, as a prominent issue is the quality of the product. Recently, Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau centralized law enforcement forces of the 10 brands, the Oriental Shopping Mall, Jingdong flying cow net, one shop, 5 of Tmall’s sales network platform of the 30 batches of automotive textiles were sampling inspection and the quality of the market. Test results showed that 30 batches of substandard, among them, 8 batches of three non product".

it is reported that the main items of the main items of textile products is the fiber content, pH value and marking. Among them, the fiber content of 21 batches of substandard, mainly non-standard, arbitrary standard, wrong standard in three cases: first, unqualified goods are not marked fiber content. Two is the name of fiber is not standard, "nominal" crystal cashmere "," ice "is not the name of standard fiber. The three is "propaganda and physical inconsistencies, such as" propaganda "cotton fabrics, fabrics and linings were measured with polyester fiber. The pH value of 4 batches of substandard goods, the value of the measured value does not match with the standard value, such as a batch of car seat pH measured as 10.3 (national standard should be 4.0-9.0).

sampling results show that all batches of products are not standardized labeling problems exist. Among them, there are 19 batches did not mark the product name, there are 26 batches of fiber content is not marked, each of the 21 batches did not mark the implementation of standards, security category, the 30 batches are not marked model specifications.

according to the sampling results, the business sector has ordered the relevant operators to immediately stop selling substandard goods, a comprehensive clean-up inventory of products, in the sale of products, supervise the publicity of substandard goods operators in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations actively take measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and according to the investigation on the operators of substandard goods sales.

consumers spend money to buy things, the quality of the product is certainly the most concerned about, but the quality of money spent but not guaranteed, no doubt is to let their money wasted! At the same time, administrative interviews on the relevant network trading platform, requirements with the business sector to do the survey work on sampling of substandard goods and related information to delete, shielding, network disconnection and other measures of similar products to carry out rectification, strengthen the autonomy and self-discipline, conscientiously fulfill the obligations of management.

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