At the helm of Sheng pictures Long Danni was pushed to a new stage of business

China’s entertainment industry is full of opportunities, can grasp the natural can earn a pen. Below, we look at the hero of this article. Long Danni’s idol industry can really be a new direction of China’s entertainment industry? At the helm of Sheng as the film Long Danni, really pushed to the new stage of the business. The first

2009 in November 12th, Shanda Shanghai and Hunan radio and television announced in Shanghai, the two sides reached a strategic cooperation, jointly funded the establishment of 600 million Yuan Sheng company, expand cooperation in film production and distribution and related derivatives business. The new company by Shanda holdings, Long Danni’s new identity is the president of the new company, but at the same time temporarily retain the identity of Hunan satellite TV deputy chief editor of the network system.

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