How to do the work of the store management will not bother to come

set up shop to do business is a very normal thing, different shopkeepers, there will be a different way to deal with. In short, the shop to do business, always dealing with people everywhere, a lot of trouble is not often, small trouble is constantly. How to deal with these small stones on the road easy feet of business? I summed up, to do a good job in the three stages of store management.

first, the problem should be timely prevention in the bud. For example, this year the big rain, often garbage is the rain rushed into the streets, contain many shops, the shop and I had never seen such a situation. Because every morning I clean the door one night and make sure there is no rubbish on the ground. This habit slowly affects the surrounding shops, we keep the environment very well. A few years ago, I have read a report that some retail stores are rubbish around, very unsightly, not what popularity, as can be imagined.

secondly, the problem should be resolved as soon as possible. My principle is to try to meet customer needs. The day before, a woman bought a pair of shoes in my store for second days to request a return grinding foot. After viewing, this pair of shoes is not quality problems, grinding feet and the customer’s foot type, but the customer insisted on returning. I put forward two proposals: first, to the customer to customer repair and compensation of 50 yuan; second, you can return, but need to charge 30 yuan depreciation. The final customer chose to return.

these years, there are very few customers for the solution I am not satisfied with the complaint to the business sector or the consumer association. However, they found in the complaint, return conditions I shop is still relatively relaxed, so back to the shop to solve.

finally, to minimize the adverse effects. After the problem, we should try to solve in a limited space, time, do not enlarge the problem. To properly handle disputes involving goods, resolutely returned a problem, to show the sincerity of the shop. Take the customer as a friend, not a virtue in the sale, to achieve "Out of blows friendship grows" effect.

if the problem at the beginning of the time, not to be able to kill it in a timely manner in the cradle, such problems may be infinitely enlarged, eventually affecting the operation of the store. So, only do the above three management, will let the shop to get better operation, will not let trouble again.

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