Provincial SME entrepreneurial base reached 81 settled in the enterprise 3394

of Shanxi Province in order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a good business environment for entrepreneurs to set up business incubators very much, in 2015 has achieved initial success, in 2016 will increase to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, to better the province’s economic development efforts.

3 11 days, reporters from the provincial SME Bureau, Shanxi province to support the new entrepreneurial base of small and medium-sized enterprises at the provincial level 14, provincial SME business base reached 81, a total investment of 36 billion 718 million yuan, 3394 enterprises settled.

and adhere to new transforming, encourage and support all kinds of social capital utilization of idle land, buildings, buildings and other construction record passenger space, the public record space, entrepreneurial community, innovation works, micro enterprise incubator, incubator, business gathering area and Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial base, to help small and medium enterprises especially start-up during the period of Small and micro businesses to solve the difficult problem of land.



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