Veeker puff how

in many girls love the dessert, puff has always been an amazing sales project, we find that both can see puff figure in the bread or cake or pastry shop in shop. Little puffs capture how much love sweet girl heart.

minivan puff product is advanced in the world first-class production technology, and headquarters with the composition teacher team, able to independently developed a series of delicacy, secret recipe has not come to imitate others. Veeker puffs crisp and soft, sweet and moist, rich milk fragrance, unique taste, fashion, let you enjoy the rich business opportunities.

minivan puffs product line rich, not only changed the traditional single puff taste situation, innovation out of ice cream puffs, fruit puffs and other diverse tastes, a variety of fresh fruits, in different forms, and in accordance with the principle of collocation and bread nutrition and color, thick with milk flavor sweet and fresh fruit, with a sweet and rich nutrition and health flavor, taste and texture of the combination of the sensory and taste just perfect, let people get the greatest satisfaction.

also developed a minivan puff cake every kind of products, such as the Murti series + American Biscuit series + waffle series + hand pizza series + Mini Pizza series + roll series + Chocolate Ice Cream series + Knut + classic ice cream series cool drink series + handmade chocolate series. Each leading the trend, a top ten shop shop, let you earn money HIGH


minivan puff joining policy

headquarters 23 full support, breaking all the business problems of


product technical training, technical training manual, store location, store structure assessment, store preparatory training, store construction manual, operating management training, management manual, facade renderings, decoration materials, interior decoration effect diagram, layout, equipment list, material specification, core materials, standard of distribution equipment. Standard publicity supplies distribution, store decoration design, promotional items design, store opening event planning, equipment installation and commissioning, standard visual production, new technology training.

joined the project veeker dessert puff is not wrong, if you want to further understand the brand idea, please message in our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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